LETTER: GOP supporter responds to letter writer

Published 9:26 am Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Tom Noehren correctly acknowledges the demons in the Democrat Party, but he will proudly vote for them anyway. Why? Because all conservatives are racists, ultranationalists who “hate everything.” Whenever you say “all” or “every” you are showing prejudice and ignorance.

The Republican Party was formed by abolitionists to stop the spread of slavery into the territories. Lincoln, a Republican, emancipated the slaves and the first black people in Congress were Republicans. The southern Democrats resisted for years and instituted Jim Crow, disenfranchised black voters and opposed civil rights until the ‘60s. Since then Democrats have promised minority voters the world and have given them generational poverty, and the horror of communities filled with drugs and violence and hopelessness.

Then up comes the moronic labeling of conservatives as Nazis. In the Holocaust 6 million Jews and 11 million other undesirables were exterminated by forced labor, starvation, torture, medical experiments and mass murder. Mr. Noehren compares immigrant detention centers with concentration camps. The whole point of the camps was extermination. We can never be Nazis. We are not of one race, creed or ethnicity, as they were. We are the “mutts” of the world. That is our strength. We have always welcomed “legal” immigration.

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Multi-national corporations and the global elites are not liberal or conservative, not Republican or Democrat. They are hungry for power and domination. They have no allegiance to anything. They support open borders, free-flowing drugs, criminal behavior, violence and intimidation. ANTIFA is much like the Nazi Brown Shirt thugs, disrupting the political activity of those who do not agree with them.

Selecting out a few crack pot neo-Nazis, then labeling an entire group as alt-right is wrong. Conservatives stand for liberty and limited government interference in the lives of free people. More has been done in the last three years for minorities, workers, women than ever before. The false-liberals think we are stupid enough to believe they will “fix” everything. Then they call us names when we don’t believe a lying word they say.

LUCY KLAUS lives in Cumberland County. Her email address is lucyk3733@gmail.com.