America has become fatally indoctrinated

Published 6:30 am Thursday, February 20, 2020

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The many months between now and the Nov. 2020 election amounts to a political lifetime where anything could happen to alter the final outcome.

Still, if a snapshot of the present would foreshadow the future, the Democrat hopes to win the White House look exceeding bleak. Where as Trump presently has a robust economy, record unemployment numbers, energy independence/low gas prices, knocking off high-profile terrorists, stemming the tide of illegal immigrants, trade deals etc. The alternative Democrat message offered up resounds with being ready, willing and able to put an abrupt end to these and other Trump accomplishments. In the face of record breaking Trump achievements that have made America truly great, Bernie Sanders (and others) frequently compare Trump to the likes of Russian, “butcher” Joseph Stalin.

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These vacuous accusations continuously leveled at Trump have become self-deflating for Democrats. Couple that too with the never-ending investigations, impeachment pursuits and 103 lawsuits … thus far. Where in all of American history has a president assembled such a sterling record of accomplishment for the health and well-being of his country while simultaneously been accused of nearly every evil in the book. It defies all reason which spotlights more suspicion on the accusers than the accused. At present, the Democrat candidates running for president have but one outstanding message to their supporters … defeat Trump. If Trump actually did all the things he’s been accused of, he’d be a Democrat.

What catchy campaign slogan can Democrats manufacture that would negate, “Make America Great Again?” The Demo/ socialists want open borders, remove existing walls, higher taxes, free education/healthcare to illegals, abolish border guards/ICE, put an end to energy independence, tax the wealthy until they leave the country, make all street drugs legal, pursue the economic suicide of the, “Green New Deal”- (no other country on earth would adhere to), abolish the Second Amendment and enact a socialist form of government to replace our present Bill of Rights. Perhaps Democrats can circulate blue hats with the slogan, “We Can Make America Gasp.”

All the news networks faithfully report on every Democrat campaign stop, primary/ caucus or cheerleading rally. This artificially inflated coverage humors those delusional enough to believe a majority of America can and will vote for any of the Democrat candidates who advocates socialist government. As highly improbable as this seems, a Gallop poll recently disclosed how 45% of those asked would (indeed) vote for an avowed socialist for president. Seventy-six percent among just Democrats. Alarming high numbers illustrating how America has become fatally indoctrinated. Perhaps this, “about face” against capitalism across America has something to do with the billions of dollars the Chinese have secretly funneled to colleges like Yale and Harvard to subvert millennial graduates.

Karl Schmidt