Regarding candidates we love

Published 10:16 am Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Is anyone tired of campaign ads on TV? The elections just barely over, the newly elected not even seated yet, and here comes Bloomberg. And where does he start? Well, nowhere new. A once Republican turned Democrat – now he’s tramping on Trump. Same old, same old. Like it or not, the guy occupying the White House over the past three years has done more for Americans ignoring race, gender, or culture, than the last four presidents, and maybe even more. Bloomberg joins the long list of opponents of the current administration – a list of far less than stellar candidates who have yet to offer anything of value to Americans except that he now wants to become one of the “elite.” Lest we forget, the position he seeks and every other elected position in America is meant to be part of our “Representative” government. Unfortunately, the only ones who seem to ignore that fact, are those who consider themselves “The Ruling Class” – the “Career Politicians” – along with their media mogul cheerleaders. “Ruling Class” – “Career Politician” — both terms are used far too often by all of them; both terms equally disgusting to any reasonable American who still believes in our Representative Democracy. We tossed royalty out of our Country some 250 years ago. Somehow, they’ve re-emerged elevating themselves to a nonexistent position of omnipotence, serving mostly their own agenda and forgetting who they represent. The real “Hope for Change” is watching them leave Washington – maybe in 2020.

Peter Kapuscinski

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