It’s a con job

Published 10:38 am Tuesday, December 17, 2019

In his letter “Regarding candidates we love,” Peter Kapuscinski claims that President Trump “over the last three years has done more for Americans ignoring race, gender or culture, than the last four presidents, maybe even more.” By excluding all of the above, the beneficiary of Trump’s policies are white males. Since Kapuscinski fails to back up his assertion with any facts, we should look at whether average white, male Americans have actually benefited from Trump’s presidency.

Tax cut: Trump claimed everyone would benefit from his 2017 tax cut. However, most of the benefits went to the rich and large corporations not to middle or working-class Americans. Despite Trump’s predictions of an economic boost, the tax cuts haven’t generated additional investments but instead went to fund stock buy backs which only reward stockholders. This was an unspoken quid pro quo between Trump, the Republicans and the rich. The rich get a tax cut and in return continue to fund Republican election campaigns.

Social Security and Medicare: In his campaign Trump said he wouldn’t touch either. With the budget deficit exploding caused by his unnecessary tax cut, the Trump administration is using this as an excuse to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Think about that if you’re aged 65 or older and on a fixed income.

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Food Stamps: Trump proposes to make cuts in the SNAP program, potentially kicking 700,000 Americans off it. Most of the people who don’t like food stamps don’t have a clue on the costs. The benefits amount to $4.17 per day per person. You can’t buy a $5 Happy Meal on that. By the way, at 36%, whites make up the largest portion of food stamp precipitants.

Family farms: Thanks to Trump’s ill-conceived and poorly executed trade war with China, the American Farm Bureau reports that farm bankruptcies for the 12-month period ending September 2019 are up 24% over the prior period. The decrease in farm income has resulted not only in financial stress on farmers but an increase in suicides. Trump has tried to ameliorate his mistakes by spending $28 billion in taxpayer funds to bail out farmers. This is more than Obama’s auto bailout. However, like his tax cut most of the funds end up in the pockets of rich or corporate farms.

Health Care: Trump said he would replace Obamacare (President Barack Obama’s health care law) with something better and cheaper. It’s not happening. Trump, like the Republicans have no plan for comprehensive national health care. All he does is try to sabotage Obamacare.

Prescription drug prices: Trump said he would lower prescription drug prices by negotiating with “Big Pharma.” Trump met with “Big Pharma” executives who somehow convinced him that regulations and not corporate greed are driving up drug prices. Prescription drug prices continue to skyrocket.

Drain the Swamp: Trump campaigned that he would “Drain the Swamp” that is reducing corruption in Washington. Trump has hired 281 lobbyists for his administration. That’s one lobbyist for every 14 political appointees, and four times more than Obama had appointed six years into office.

If you are a rich, white male you’re doing fine. If you’re not rich, then you’re a victim of Trump’s con job.