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Take care of our land


We speak of pastoral beauty. But it is not here. Clear cutting leaves the land as a ruin. A man has a right to sell his trees on his property but the eyesore created lasts for years and we are all subjected to the sight. It is like a scene of slaughter where the blood and body parts are left in the open. There is no sense of reverence here.

The killing fields should be replanted, or cleared and put to other use. If there is no other use for the land, then the owners should be made to remove the eyesores they created. It scars the rural vistas of Virginia, which belongs to all of us. If an offensive billboard was erected, we would clamor to have it removed.

I drive through the county of my home and do not find it peaceful or beautiful. Add the garbage along the roadside ditches and all I can see is a vista of scars upon the land.

Lucy Klaus