On the continuation of congressional infighting

Published 9:52 am Thursday, November 14, 2019


It doesn’t matter anyone’s particular political persuasion. In a representative democracy, the kind our Country has enjoyed over the largest part of the past two and a half centuries, issues regarding the elected are “generally” left to be settled by voters on Election Day. But now, there is a fight going on between the current administration and the Congress with the intent on the part of the Congressional leadership to unseat a duly elected President. In this latest round, even the Whistleblower’s lawyer called it a “coup” – a rebellion. There are no current valid charges and the charges that were brought against this President earlier, have all been proven negligible or even, false. What the American voter should be asking is why exactly is this behavior and these actions not considered sedition. These latest charges are again, at worst, trivial, if they have any truth in them at all. The disruption appears to do no more than to keep the elected busy doing nothing. Whatever good this President has accomplished, has been mostly done by executive order. That is not “law-making” in any permanent fashion. Executive decisions are easily overturned by the next president who simply doesn’t agree with the last president. We need laws and policies that benefit Americans – that is why we elect these people in Congress and in the Senate. As long as this infighting continues, the American voter suffers, and any future growth and the success of our Country and our children is at risk.

Peter Kapuscinski

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