Cumberland County property transfers

Published 8:58 am Thursday, November 7, 2019

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of May. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Cumberland County Development Company, LLC to Teresa Lynn, et al, Lot, Madison District. $69,000.

• Obscurity Land Development, LLC to Teresa Lynn Byrd, et al, 15.043 AC, Madison District. $42,000.

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• Patricia W. Sadler, Tr., et al, to Sharon Parsons Foundation, 21.3 AC, Madison District. $43,000.

• Martin H. Dunivan to Kyle Christopher Lacovara, et ux, 4.08 AC, Madison District. $189,950.

• His Properties, LLC, Jacob Mocabee O’Keefe, et ux, Parcel, Town of Farmville. $145,000.

• Mark L. Godwin, Sr., et al to Karen Moseley Estep, 6 AC, Hamilton District. $249,950.

• Gary L. Atkins to Todd L. Grubbs, et ux, 8.60 AC, Randolph District. $25,000.

• John Jackson, et al, to Charlene Elizabeth Sutton, et al, 2 AC, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Mathew Hunter Denton to Amanda Barnett, 2.98 AC, Randolph District. $106.00

• Nolan T. Woodfin to Todd L. Grubbs, et ux, 10 AC, Randolph District. $22,500.

• Laverna Lee Baker to Marcus O. Johnson, et al, 2.2 AC, Randolph District. $24,900.

• Dennis James Fenton to Robert C. Combs, III, et ux, 1.94 AC, Randolph District. $199,900.

• William E. Lee, et al, to Amos L. Smucker, et ux, 31.530 AC, Randolph District. $250,000.

• Lee Roy Sullivan, Sr. to Cheri Raby, 2.063 AC, Hamilton District. $12,500.

• Jacqueline Labonte to Bryan Buehrle, 16.698 AC, Hamilton District. $318,000.

• Ted W. Adams, et ux, to Estate of David Lee Carroll, Lot. Deed Gift.

• Barbara Austin Tate to Cecil Austin, Parcels, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Susan C. Oertel to Robert J. Oertel, Jr., 75 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Cynthia P. Gable to Tyler L. Lewis, et al, 2 Parcels. $150,500.

• Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC to Lofton Leasing, LLC, 4 AC, Hamilton District. $83,500.

• JCM III, LLC to Steve Colton Scott, et ux, 13.41 AC, Madison District. $47,000.

• Dianna Gail Stimpson Doss, et als, to Dianna Gail Stimpson Doss, 4.11 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• JCM III, LLC to Kathryn Yost, Lot, Hamilton District. $24,500.

• George Trent, et als, to Lesley J. Trent, 1.58 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Elbert R. Womack, et ux, to Colton Alexander Hanks, 27.47 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Carolyn Sue McHenry to Leroy McHenry, 13.780 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Diana L. Plant to Franklin B. Dennis, 1/48 interest in 79 AC, Madison District. $10,000.

• Amos S. Zook to Amos S. Zook, et ux, 57.63 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Robert E. Bailey, et ux to Kevin S. Roberts, et ux, 4.4586 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Bank of America NA to Shane Horton Early, 1.61 AC, Hamilton District. $78,750.

• Cashmere Properties LLC to Southern Virginia Homes, LLC, Lots, Town of Farmville. $56,500.

• Countryside Real Estate, LLC to Paul Hutter, et ux, 10.99 AC, Randolph District. $21,000.

• Gregory A. Siegrist to Clifton Carl Rose, et ux, 12.218 AC, Randolph District. $60,000.

• Kenneth M. Whitting, et al, to RVA Investment Group, LLC, 1.996 AC and 1.80 AC, Randolph District. $40,000.

• RVA Investment Group, LLC to David Nathaniel Layne, et ux, 1.996 AC and 1.80 AC, Randolph District. $57,000.