Buckingham County property transfers

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of June. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• James Layton Armentrout to Kevin O’Grince, 1.63 AC, Marshall District. $236,000.

• Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Heather A. Woodson, 1.4 AC, Curdsville District. $85,000.

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• Deborah Regina Brown to James Junius Brown, 2 AC, Marshall District. $18,925.

• Geneva B. Brown to Ashley N. Epps, 46.58 AC, Curdsville District. $129,000.

• Citizens Bank & Trust Co. to Jeffrey C. Harper, et ux, 13.036 AC, Curdsville District. $121,500.

• CMH Homes, Inc. to James Wyatt Mutispaugh, 2 AC, Curdsville District. $14,000.

• CMH Homes, Inc. to Pamela D. Logan, 2 AC, Marshall District. $175,000.

• Lesley A. Davis, et al to Sharon J. White, et al, 3.33 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• John Eicher to Rachel E. Meek, et al, 1.36 AC, Slate River District. $177,500.

• Equity Trustees, LLC, TR to US Bank National Association, 3.56 AC, Marshall District. $219,690.72.

• Aaron Good, et ux to Nicholas Liivak, et al, 3.82 AC, Slate River District. $140,000.

• Micah L. Haines to John E. Yoder, et ux, 20.41 AC, Curdsville District. $175,000.

• Edwin L. Hood, et ux to John Hardcastle, 2 AC, Marshall District. $71,500.

• Susan C. Hudgins to David T. Perkins, et ux, 47.88 AC, James River District. $153,216.

• JT Enterprises, Inc. to Hot Rod Depot, LLC, 3 AC, Slate River District. Deed Gift.

• Marian Blake Lane to Kyanite Mining Corporation, 2.52 AC and 2.52 AC, Curdsville District. $20,000.

• Marian Blake Lane, et al to Kyanite Mining Corporation, 2.52 AC, Curdsville District. $10,000.

• Charles E. Leftwich et ux to Charles Dexter, 6.53 AC, James River District. Deed Gift.

• Richard Mack, Jr. et ux to Donna M. Galaretta, 5.22 AC, Maysville District. $140,000.

• John A. Martin, Suc. Tr. to Sharon J. White, 17.136 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Oakgrove Builders, LLC to Justin K. Rogers, et ux, 1.266 AC, Curdsville District. $188,800.

• David T. Perkins, et ux to Philip Winston Kitchen, Jr. et, 2.95 AC and 2.95 AC, Francisco District. $24,000.

• Paula K. Robertson to Edwin Lee Hood, et ux, 1.245 AC. $206,000.

• Daniel R. Rose, et ux to L.P. Gilliam, Jr., 1 AC, Curdsville District. $7,000.

• James R. Smith, Jr. et al to Mara A. Scrupe, et al, 2.45 AC, Marshall District. $3,500.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Darwin J. Mejia-Velasquez, 66.161 AC, Curdsville District. $85,000.

• Ray W. Stinson, et ux to Ray W. Stinson, et ux, 118.4 AC and 4 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Joanne M. Taji to Eric D. Underwood, Jr. et al, 5.52 AC. $134,000.

• Brenda Tatum, et ux to Thomas W. Goins, et ux, interest in 6.27 AC, Curdsville District. $6,198.66.

• Carooq M. Taylor to Person Properties, LLC, 1/3 interest in 16.72 AC, Curdsville. $2,100.

• Doug A. Toliver to Eureka Knoll Farm, LLC, 5.20 AC, Curdsville District. $31,000.

• William A. Viera, et ux to Ryan M. Bates, et al, 4.50 AC and .67 AC, Curdsville District. $207,500.

• Virginia Housing Development to Lauren W. Poole, et vir, 2.170 AC. $144,000.

• Elizabeth Webb to Taryll Johnson, 3.01 AC, Marshall District. $176,600.

• Windy Hill Properties to Zachary Lynn Shumaker, 1.76 AC, James River District. Deed Gift.

• Joshua Wyland, et al to Joshua Kellerman, .918 AC, Slate River District. $97,000.