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Vote for Miles


As the Nov. 5 election draws near, it is vital that all qualified citizens register to vote and more importantly, go to the polls.

I am encouraging voters in the Maysville District to vote for Thomas Jordan Miles III.

Jordan, who is running for the position of supervisor, is a perfect fit for our county when it comes to an individual who connects with the people while understanding the political process that can make for a better county. I have known Jordan since high school, where it was evident that he would go on to serve the community. He is aware of the county’s present needs while having the foresight to plan ahead for our future. Jordan is a fiscal conservative in that he does not want to raise taxes and he recognizes that we must make a more serious effort to strengthen the economic development of our county. He supports a strong public school system, stressing better communication between the school board and the supervisors and he understands the importance of more opportunities for our youth.

Jordan has always been a huge supporter of the volunteer fire and rescue agencies in Buckingham, which is a very important piece of the county’s public safety infrastructure. Vote for Miles on Nov. 5.

Timothy Farrar