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Tavernier seeks BOS seat

Tavernier is running for District 2, Board of Supervisor (BOS), Cumberland County. Ron is a retired Navy veteran who moved to Cumberland County in 2004. He has been married to his wife, Geralyn, for 43 years. They have three children and six grandchildren.

“Ron” Tavernier

He believes that the local government should be run efficiently with transparency and accountability, by setting a realistic budget and staying within it, he believes.

Cumberland County’s financial stability can be assured.

Economic growth needs to be compatible with the rural lifestyle we desire to maintain in our county is a belief of his. He has talked with LIDL Grocery Store Management and is preparing a package answering questions they have in considering a store in Cumberland County.

Though our schools are fully accredited he has seen a need to improve upon vocational training. He intends to explore the possibility of a regional trade school – possibly using the Luther P. Jackson Building.

By capitalizing on Cumberlands rich history he looks to make Cumberland County a tourist destination.

Tavernier is concerned with bringing businesses into the county that do not pose an environmental threat to our land, air and water. With the residents primarily on private wells, protection of the aquifer is essential.

Tavernier believes the Agriculture and Forestry Land Use Tax Programs are needed to help regulate development. However, it is necessary to ensure those enrolled in the program are in compliance with all the regulations of this program. He fully supports the concept of the family farm.

Tavernier intends to maintain the county’s tax rate by curtailing excessive spending. In addition, through economic and tourist development he intends to pay down the county debt.

Good government requires good decisions.

Tavernier hopes to be able to count on your vote Nov. 5.