Stanley seeks position as District 1 supervisor

Published 5:02 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Brian Stanley is on the ballot for Board of Supervisors in District 1 in Cumberland County. He brings over 30 years of corporate management and marketing experience, a background in economics, as well as running a successful entrepreneurial startup business.


He currently serves as member of the Cumberland County Economic Development Administration, where they have been actively involved in pursuing grants to benefit the county, and attracting new businesses. He is a second term vice president of Cartersville Ruritan, and serves on the finance committee of Cartersville Baptist Church. Soon after coming to the area, Stanley created the Village of Cartersville VA Facebook page as a platform for citizens to use as a source for community announcements, and profiling artisans in our area.

Stanley would first address transparency. He will create a citizen’s advisory committee made up of 4 representatives from within District 1. He says he and these representatives will meet on a regular basis to share and discuss issues facing our area and take information back to the board of supervisors. He will keep the committee advised of issues to be covered at upcoming board meetings and review previous board meetings.

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Stanley says he is optimistic about the future of Cumberland County, and believes that the next four years will be among the most impactful in recent memory. He envisions many opportunities coming forward that will create opportunity and prosperity for Cumberland’s citizens.

He notes that there are several areas that must be addressed in order for us to reach our potential. Firefly Broadband through Central Virginia Electric Co-op will greatly benefit residents, home businesses, and the children of Cumberland through internet connectivity. With broadband in our county, he feels we can attract individuals and companies to our rural area, and better serve home based businesses. He stresses this will allow us to prosper while preserving our beautiful rural beauty and lifestyle.

The Cobbs Creek Reservoir, which is scheduled to begin filling in 2021, is a prime example. Through comprehensive land use planning, growth will be responsible and well designed. The 150 foot deep lake will offer boating, fishing and recreation opportunities. He believes the expected growth near the reservoir will create demand for the 14 million gallons for drinking water annually that Cumberland is allotted for the county’s use from the lake.

His experience serving on the EDA has allowed him to work with the board of supervisors and the Virginia Department of Economic Development pursuing grants to complete sewer lines in the county’s industrial area. Stanley says the EDA is also pursuing grants to complete asbestos remediation at the Community Center in Cumberland. The plan is to create office space for potential employers, and startup companies.

In regards to the county’s business park, he shared the recent resolution from the Cumberland Board of Supervisors that Cumberland County has submitted two grant applications with the Tobacco Commission totaling $999,880. These funds are designated to be used towards the design, engineering, and construction of a sewer pump station, and force main/sewer line system at the Cumberland Business Park to serve potential businesses with no outlay of cash from the county.

Stanley hopes that his demonstrated leadership, seeking input from residents, and thinking outside the box for solutions will benefit Cumberland’s citizens. He would appreciate your support at the polls on Nov. 5.