Like father, like son

Published 2:51 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019

I share this because of relevance to today’s devotion.

My father passed away on Aug. 20 of this year. When loss occurs it often creates a need to assess or reassess your life and/or your beliefs.

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My father and I were entirely different, yet exactly the same — and this will tie into the devotion, so hang tight!

He loved to dance, loved to play golf, would drink occasionally, curse occasionally and in his younger days, could not resist a good fight! On the other hand, I marry people, bury people, baptize people, pray for people and preach the Gospel.

He lettered as a star athlete in baseball, football and basketball, and served in the Navy during the Korean War. I dropped out of football, wrestling and track and regrettably never wore a military uniform.

He never read a book from cover to cover and hated technology. I love both.

He never finished the 11th grade (later earned a GED), whereas I earned a bachelor’s degree, twmasters and three graduate certificates.

We are/were so different —then again. He was confident in who he was, spoke his mind (even if you didn’t like it!), did what he thought was the right thing (even when folks disagreed), and simply said “I am who I am and that’s all that I am.” I am the same way.

His sense of humor, sense of fun and sense of adventure are all owned by me.

He didn’t let fear dictate his actions or words and he never resisted a challenge or risk simply because there was a chance of failure. Im wellknown for this around town.

He loved the thrill of life with all the good, the bad and ugly that came with it; I can’t resist enjoying life in all of its capacities.

We were/are so much the same — when you dig deeper.

God made us in his image. While God chooses grace, mercy and forgiveness, we choose revenge, retributions and punishment.

While God chooses righteousness, we often choose unrighteousness. While God chooses

salvation, we often choose sin.

While God chooses love, we often choose hate or spite or prejudice.

We are so different from God — then again. We all have freewill, just as God does. We all have the capacity for grace, mercy and forgiveness. We all have the ability to choose righteousness and salvation. We all have the ability to choose love.

We are made in his image, and in many ways, have the same choices and abilities.

Genesis 1:27: So, God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

God created us with the freedom to choose. On the surface we are way different from God; at the heart of things, through Jesus Christ as savior, we have the potential to be and to become every- thing He created us to be.

Let’s be more like the Father by being like His son, Jesus Christ.

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