Bryant seeks reelection as county supervisor

Published 4:28 pm Monday, October 14, 2019

Harry Bryant

As a lifelong Buckingham County resident, Harry Bryant is honored to have served his first term as a county supervisor.

Bryant stated, “It has been a pleasure to be a part of a team of fellow citizens who have worked hard to keep our country safe and prosperous.”

Bryant looks forward to continuing to do his best to keep the county moving in the right direction.

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“We typically have limited revenues available for many, if not most, of the important issues that the county must deal with each year. Therefore, it is essential that we clearly determine the true benefit of all proposed projects against the cost of implementing them,” Bryant added.

Bryant encourages everyone to bring to the Board’s attention new ideas in ways to boost economic development in the county, while at the same time protecting its rural lifestyle.

“We have made good progress in the past few years on many important public issues. A recent noteworthy accomplishment is the new automated access system at our solid waste facilities,” Bryant noted.

Bryant will continue to support Buckingham’s active recycling program.

There have been periodic discussions about a food tax as a source of revenue for the county. Bryant believes this would be a positive source to fund some of the projects that are now struggling. Also, a multimillion dollar hotel in Dillwyn is slated to be built, which will be a major tax revenue producer.

Bryant is proud to say that he has spent more years than he can count in various public service efforts. He is a member of the Glenmore Rescue Squad, a former member of the Tax Equalization Board and an active member of the Glenmore Methodist Church. Bryant has been in business of one sort or another since his teenage years.

Bryant cares about the safety and prosperity of his fellow Buckingham County residents. He has strong, sincere opinions on many issues. Bryant will always have an attentive ear for all his constituents to keep him informed of their thoughts and ideas, to make Buckingham a better place for all. God willing, Bryant will continue to do his best to serve.