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Annual ‘No hunting’ postings set

The Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors established during its Sept. 10 meeting what county-owned land would be off-limits for hunting.

County Administrator Wade Bartlett explained that the board annually approves the posting of “NO HUNTING” in relation to the following county-owned properties, as outlined in the board meeting packet:

1. County-owned property at the Prince Edward County Landfill

2. County-owned property at the Prince Edward County Industrial Park

3. County-owned property along Granite Falls Boulevard

4. County-owned property adjoining the Piedmont Regional Jail

“There is one exception, and that’s duck hunting at Sandy River Reservoir, which is not allowed on Sundays,” Bartlett said. “We don’t allow that, even though the state does.”

“And the recommendation is to authorize the county staff to post county-owned land for no hunting,” he continued.

The board voted unanimously to provide this authorization.