Where’s the money

Published 12:56 pm Friday, September 20, 2019


I question the status of taxes collected since 1972 to construct a pipeline to the town water system to insure water in abundance for Farmville. Now an additional 12 years.

Should I be a lawyer, or college professor to question where the money is — that has been collected by local government for many years?

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I am 91 years old, and it really does not concern me, except I dislike taxes being used for purposes other than intended. A new tax just passed stipulated that the new tax money must be deposited for the purpose and used only for that purpose. Maybe the water line tax did not so stipulate.

I ask again, “Does anyone care?” I personally do not understand how the county can tax county, and Farmville being in the county and it would not be included. I for one would like to know the status of the money already collected. I remember Social Security taxes taken over by our government, and a certain church organ fund after years had no money being held for that purpose. (60 years ago).

For what it is worth, your response could give the people answers we cannot get otherwise. I am sure you know Farmville has obtained other sources of needed water because of county actions. Government does not always do the right thing for the people. Please give us some answers.

Cecil G. Yeatts