The hidden truth about guns

Published 7:00 am Thursday, September 12, 2019

Seems every few weeks there is a mass shooting that dominates the headlines. Although these shootings are mostly conducted with an automatic rifle, automatic rifles still hold the bottom spot for homicides committed by a firearm. A Google search of “Deaths by assault style rifles” doesn’t provide a definitive answer. Instead, lumping assault types with all rifles amounting to about 350 deaths a year. According to the, “60 Minutes” program, there are 11 million assault style rifles in private hands across America. Out of all those millions of semi auto rifles, and the 36,000 gun related deaths each year, assault style rifles account for approximately 150 homicide deaths. No news network reports these numbers.

Still, mass shootings with rifles alarms many and gives anti Second Amendment politicians a platform to call for gun bans. A reminder to those who think only assault style guns can kill in mass— the Virginia Tech shooter killed 32 people with a 9mm and a .22 caliber pistol. There will never ever be constructive talks about guns in Congress since there isn’t one person in a thousand who fully understands firearm capabilities and limitations. Joe Biden forever puts his abject ignorance about guns on full display recently saying he’d ban any rifle/pistol magazine that held over one cartridge! This is a perfect example of the Demo/socialist’s child-like mentality on firearms. This same vacuum of knowledge (however) stands eager to demolish the Second Amendment along with all of our Bill of Rights to recreate a, “United Socialist States of America.”

The Demo/socialist party is out of the closet fletching their teeth salivating for draconian gun bans. Most (if not all) of the socialist presidential hopefuls say they are ready to use the full weight of government to collect up the tens of millions of firearms (using their assault rifles) to kill or either make felons out of any law-abiding Americans who refuse to knuckle under. They justify scrapping the Constitution saying certain guns have no business in private hands since they have no hunting application. This indoctrinating rhetoric resonates to a gun ignorant America who aren’t savvy enough to realize the Second Amendment has not a thing to do with hunting. The founding fathers granted gun ownership for the purpose of combating people … not ground hogs in the garden. Firearms best suited for a conflict with people are the firearms (above all others) to be granted under the intent of our Constitution.

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Walmart now refuses to sell pistol ammo and along with CVS, disallow, “Right to Carry” people from entering their stores. A further example of imbecilic decisions from upon high. This proclamation offers every would-be shooter to channel their assault to these stores that have now publicized their vulnerability.

Karl Schmidt lives in Prince Edward County. His email address is