Cumberland County property transfers

Published 9:42 am Thursday, September 5, 2019

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of March. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Gloria Helen Robinson to CMH Homes, Inc., 2 AC, Randolph District. $16,000.

• Scott L. Austin, et al to Charles Christopher Cabaniss, Jr., 2.572 AC, Hamilton District. $161,700.

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• KPR Properties of Virginia, LLC to Gregory W. Bradley, 56.35 AC, Randolph District. $79,000.

• Christopher Floyd Hartley, et al, to Floyd Ernest Hartley, et ux, 28.10 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Catherine Woodson to Ethel B. Woodson, 2 AC, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Timothy R. Johnson, et al to Jimi B. Birkitt, 2 AC, Hamilton District. $164,000.

• Charles R. Adams, Jr., et ux to Austin Duvenot, 25.003 AC and 3 AC, Hamilton District. $300,000.

• Edward P. Emerson, et al to Edward P. Emerson, Lot, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Edward P. Emerson, et al to Carolyn H. Emerson, Lot, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• John H. Wilson, et ux to Terry D. Seal, et ux, 4.13 AC, Randolph District. $12,000.

• David W. Horne, et als to David W. Horne, et ux, 2.12 AC, 6.65 AC and 20 AC, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Pine Grove Community Center, Tr. to Agee Miller, Mayo Dungy Family, Association, Parcel, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Louis Henry Schalow, II to Rolling Acres Properties, LLC, 5.224 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• American Timberland, LLC to CWV Land Acquisition, LLC, 171 AC, 25 AC, 57 AC,78 AC and 58.18 AC, Hamilton District. $950,000.

• Farmville Mini-Storage, LLC to George A. Gallenthin, III, 89 AC, Hamilton District. $125,000.

• Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia, Sub. Tr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 5 AC, Hamilton District. $188,400.

• Donna O. Ennis, et als to Debra O. Nash, et ux, 2.62 AC, Randolph District. $40,000.

• Mario A. Guzman Montes to Maria De La Luz Guzman Montes, 10.664 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Sheree Lynn Denton, et als to Robert F. Wise, Sr., 43.86 AC, Hamilton District. $80,000.

• ALG Trustee, LLC, Sub. Tr. to Garland Edwards, 40.58 AC, Madison District. $188,448.

• John B. Dalston to Krista M. Macumber, 3 AC, Hamilton District. $30,000.

• Fred L. Shumaker, et ux to Chad E. Branch, Lot. $25,000.

• Gary W. Furlong to Troy Alan P. Miller, Lot, Randolph District. $103,000.

• Tamara T. Benhoff to James Jasper, et ux, 2 AC, Hamilton District. $44,900.

• Gavin Kirk Czeizinger, et ux to Sharon A. Larson, 3 AC, Hamilton District. $188,500.

• Delores Rosenblatt, et als to Christopher John Calkins, 52.394 AC, Randolph District. $92,500.

• Ralph F. Claywell, Jr., et als to Tammy Swann Rhoden, 5.440 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Travis L. Brown, Sr. to Caitlin Marie Henley, 1 AC, Madison District. $90,500.

• Dorothy B. Tyler, et al to Jason O. Brice, 20.4 AC, Madison District. $150,000.

• B&Q Properties, LLC to Durell Johnson, 1 AC, Hamilton District. $169,600.

• 4Equity, LLC to Henry H. Rowlette, 100.93 AC, Randolph District. $280,000.

• Clement W. Sheffert, et ux to Cary M. Lawson et ux, .917 AC, Randolph District. $193,000.

• Marck C. Dupuis, et ux to Justin T. Walls, 20.341 AC, Randolph District. $40,000.

• Justin K. Rogers to Tyler Beal, 3.41 AC, Hamilton District. $199,000.