Winslow case follow-up

Published 1:38 pm Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A first-degree murder case involving Janet Winslow, of Buckingham, was recently ruled nolle prosequi by the Buckingham County General District Court, according to records from the court.

According to court records, a nolle prosequi was ordered on the prosecution’s motion on June 25.

Janet Winslow

Winslow, 71 at the time of arrest, was arrested on Sept. 13, 2018, after a charge of first-degree murder was reported by the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office.

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The charge was in relation to her late husband’s death, which occurred in 2012.

According to the office of Gregory Sheldon, the attorney who represented Winslow, her case was “nolle prosequi for lack of evidence.”

Buckingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney E.M. Wright said that the prosecution ordered the nolle prosequi motion because if the case was continued, the court could not come to a conviction.