Mural Palooza brightens South Street

Published 7:30 am Friday, July 19, 2019

By George Waters

Special to The Farmville Herald

South Street is receiving a splash of color from local art students of Prince Edward County Public Schools. A long, empty stretch of brown wall along South Street has become the canvas for the Student Artist Mural Project. Located between Macado’s and the Green Front parking lot, the wall is currently being painted with designs created by Prince Edward County’s very own talented students.

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Carley Fetty, an art teacher for Prince Edward, is responsible for the project after being inspired by Longwood University’s Start with Art program.

The difference? This art will stay on its canvas indefinitely — for all the community to see. This will allow those responsible for the artworks to look at them proudly, while inspiring younger generations to pursue their artistic interests. When attending the Start with Art events, Fetty thought, “I wish we could have student art up all year-round.” After winning a SOUP grant award Fetty began painting around town with her students.. This “Mural Palooza,” as she calls it, is actually the groups’ third piece, with the others being located in the Walker’s Diner parking lot and on the building that was formerly Christopher’s Fine Art Framing.

However, the palooza is undoubtedly their largest project yet. With that in mind, all aged 12-21 are welcome to pick up a brush and help them out in this community event. Designs must be created beforehand and reviewed by the program via an application process. The group is happy with their current pace, but is encouraging more artists to leave their mark, even if they aren’t from Prince Edward County. The mural will be worked on throughout the fall, and when asked, the students flexing their creative abilities stated that they were having lots of fun. This is all made possible by the Farmville community, who has been nothing but encouraging and helpful toward the program and its disciples thus far. When asked about the overall goal of the project, Fetty stated “Our mission is to help facilitate student artists in their pursuit for creative growth and to help them leave their mark on Farmville while beautifying the downtown area in the process.” Those hoping to join the effort can find the group on Facebook or by looking for the hashtag #smalltownbigart.