Commending first responders

Published 4:41 pm Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fire departments, police departments and rescue squads in the Heart of Virginia have an enormous responsibility: to save people and property when called.

Emergencies can happen anytime and at any place in the county.

The departments often have to work under sizable odds, including aging equipment, aging structures and struggles to fund the skyrocketing cost of equipment and education for firefighters, emergency medical technicians and emergency medical service providers. An aging population or a population with opioid addiction struggles requires the services offered by first responders that much more.

When Tropical Storm Michael occurred in the fall of 2018, and when thunderstorms and heavy rainfall continue to fall in the summer, first responders are there to serve, and to make sure everyone involved in an emergency is safe.

Because the departments often work in the background of emergencies, sometimes they do not always get recognition for their services.

With the support of counties, residents and of state representatives, donations and aid have been coming in for departments in the area.

The more aid that comes, and the more quickly it comes, the better.

Some first responders and their firsthand experiences serving in Buckingham, Cumberland and Prince Edward counties were published in “A Salute to First Responders: Honoring Those on the Front Lines.” The digital version of this publication is online at to the right, midway down on the homepage, under “Special Sections.”

Over the next few weeks, you will see interviews with county first responders with insightful details about what it means to be a first responder by Farmville Newsmedia LLC Intern George Waters.

We’re grateful to see the outpouring of support from Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors, Longwood University, Hampden-Sydney College and the Farmville Town Council in supporting emergency medical services in the region, funds allocated to hire an executive director for the Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad and the purchase of a new ambulance for the squad, allocations that will be of enormous service to the region.

We at The Farmville Herald thank all of our fire departments, rescue squads, sheriff’s offices, police departments and first responders for their dedication to serving their neighbors.