Prince Edward County property transfers

Published 12:27 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of November. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Randall T. Redford to Brandon S. Janeka, Lots, Leigh District. $112,500.

• Janet B. Bowles to Justin R. Bowles, Lots, Farmville District. Deed Gift.

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• Lloyd H. Seely to Denzil R. Tice, Lot, Buffalo District. $25,000.

• Locket Creek Real Estate Group to Red Hawk Investment Group, LLC, Town of Farmville. $1,035,000.

• KM Beasley, Jr., LLC to Parker Lamb, Lot, Hampden District. $96,000.

• William Fore, et al Trustees, to Trustees of the Grand Lodge, Lot, Town of Farmville. Deed Gift.

• Robert W. Jenkins, Jr. to Boot Hill Dairy Limited Liability, 773.71 AC, Leigh District. Deed Gift.

• Dorothy Field Chappell to Dorothy Field Chappell, Trust, 3 AC, Farmville District. Deed Gift.

• Julia Duffey Overby to Doward Maxwell Johns, 3.50 AC, Hampden District. Deed Gift.

• Shelia M. Roper, TR to CMH Homes, Inc., Lot, Prospect District. $18,000.

• Graham R. Nunally to Japheth R. Kaczor, 36.443 AC, Leigh District. $47,500.

• Hugh Douglas Allen to Steven Tyree Allen, Lots, Hampden District. $22,500.

• Alease Laverne Walker to Larry A. Walker, 2 AC, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Loretta J. Free to Curtis Dwight Nix, 7.08 AC, Hampden District. Deed Gift.

• Sandra T. Christopher to Marinda Walton, 5.61 AC, Hampden District. Deed Gift.

• Clyde Palmer to Gregory Palmer, .57 AC, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Apollonia Buzzetta to Martin J. Rizzo, 1.494 AC, Town of Farmville. $198,000.

• Loretta Cencia to Byron M. Shult, 3.28 AC, Hampden District. $18,000.

• Phoebe Ann Cata Williams to Walter I. Williams, 1.47 Ac, Hampden District. Deed Gift.

• W. Parker Terry, Jr. to 110 North Virginia Street, LLC, .409 AC, Town of Farmville. Deed Gift.

• Sunnyside, Inc., to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 776.5 AC, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Anthony S. Boyce to Kent L. Brown, 4.04 AC, Prospect District. $16,000.

• Rudolph E. Depass to Dalton & Associates, LLC, .258 Ac, Town of Farmville. $92,000.

• Rachel N. Runion to Keith W. Sealey, Lot, Leigh District. $85,000.

• M. Richard Epps, PC, Sub. Tr. to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, Lot, Lockett District. $87,800.

• Madison Revolving Trust 2017 to Norris Ramsey, Lot, Prospect District. $43,500.

• Charles R. B. Bristol to Thomas E. Stephenson, Lot, Town of Farmville. $105,000.

• Duane A. Cox to Dean W. Lord, Lot, Hampden District. $17,000.

• Chambers Street Investors, LLC to Longwood University Real Estate, Lot, Town of Farmville. $72,000.

• Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Norris Wayne Ramsey, Jr., Lot, Prospect District. $34,000.

• Bernice W. Townsend to Michael B. Crews, .919 AC, Town of Farmville. $300,000.

• Benchmark Community Bank to Locket Creek Real Estate Group, Lots, Town of Farmville. $445,000.

• CMH Homes, Inc. to Bret D. Ramsey, Lot, Buffalo District. $257,988.