Dance studio, storage facility votes move forward

Published 2:31 pm Thursday, March 28, 2019

Members of the Cumberland County Planning Commission voted to recommend two projects and amended policies concerning setbacks and road frontages to the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors during its meeting Monday.

The items the planning commission held public hearings concerning included recommending a conditional use permit for Rt 606 Truck & Auto. The proposed automotive repair shop would be located at 6533 Blenheim Road. The applicant is Willie Bullock.

The permit has three conditions, including that the shop meet all local, state and federal regulations, that there would be no more than 10 vehicles sitting outside the shop at any one time, and there would be noise restrictions between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

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“At all times, noise and sound levels must not disturb residents of adjacent properties,” the application for the conditional use permit cited.

Planning and Zoning Director J.P. Duncan said the commission did not take a vote on the auto shop conditional use permit, but expect to revisit the permit during next month’s meeting.  

A proposed rezoning at the north side of Anderson Highway was also recommended by the commission. The parcel is located on approximately 17 acres near the intersection of Oak Forest Road and was recommended to be rezoned from Residential-2 to Business-1 to open Hamilton Dance Studio. The applicant is Chana Hamilton and the land is owned by Barbara L. Price.

The rezoned location could have the potential to include a convenience store and a restaurant later on, according to a staff report in the commission board packet.

A request to rezone 1.5 acres of the total 24.76 acres at Price is Right Mini Storage on 235 Raines Tavern Road was also recommended by the commission Monday. The owner is Marion R. Coblentz.

“A mini-storage warehouse was built on this property around 20 years ago,” Duncan said in the commission board packet. “The owner would like to subdivide this parcel to separate the dwelling from the mini-storage warehouse. This rezoning would allow for such subdivision as well as bring the property into compliance with Cumberland County Code. Currently the use is considered legal nonconforming as mini-storage warehouse is not an allowed use in the A-2 zoning district.”

Members of the planning commission also voted to adjust the county’s policies on setbacks and road frontages.

The revised policies would include reducing setbacks on primary roads from 130 feet to 100 feet, and reducing the road frontage on primary roads from 500 feet to 300 feet, and from 350 feet to 300 feet on regular public roads.

There were also adjustments to the county’s policies on height requirements for buildings. According to the meeting board packet, some structures may be exempt from the county’s policy on height requirements, which states that buildings can be “erected to a height of 60 feet from grade provided that the required front, side and rear yards must be increased by 1 foot for each foot in height that is more than 35 feet.”

“Church spires, belfries, cupolas, chimneys, flues, flagpoles, television antennas, radio aerials, and bona fide farm buildings or structures as defined by Code of Virginia, § 36-97 as that section may from time to time be amended and/or recodified are exempt from height requirements,” the board packet for the meeting cited.

The county amendment for festivals, which was previously discussed during the board’s regular February meeting, was tabled.

This article has been corrected from its original version.