CRC honors Timmons

Published 9:50 am Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Commonwealth Regional Council presented a certificate and resolution Wednesday to outgoing board member C.R. “Bob” Timmons for his nearly five years of service to the council.

Timmons recently resigned from his seat as the Buffalo District Supervisor for the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors.

Prospect District Supervisor J. David Emert will succeed Timmons’ role as a Prince Edward member of the CRC.

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Timmons, according to the resolution presented by CRC President Thomas Gleason, began his post with the CRC in January 2014, having been appointed in December 2013.

“During Mr. Timmons’ years of service, he has assisted in overseeing the finances of the Commonwealth Regional Council and assisting in developing a balanced budget,” Gleason read. Timmons also provided  counsel and assistance regarding grant assistance for fire department equipment and the completion of the Robert Russa Moton Museum.

“The Commonwealth Regional Council hereby recognizes and expresses its appreciation to C.R. ‘Bob’ Timmons, Jr. for his commendable service from January 2014 to December of 2018,” Gleason read. CRC members applauded after the resolution was presented.

Timmons provided a few comments, speaking about his experience with the CRC and seeing its development over the past few years.

Timmons said when he was first appointed to the CRC, the organization was “fighting some pretty substantial issues,” including that the CRC was increasingly spending more than it was receiving.

Timmons said this led the CRC to re-evaluate its priorities and vision as an organization. He said the CRC chose to focus on being more “user-friendly” and becoming the “go-to organization” for grant writing in the region.

This reevaluation also resulted in a change of leadership. Former Executive Director Mary S. Hickman resigned in 2017 and current Executive Director Melody Foster was appointed later that year.

Timmons said the current budget is “more than balanced,” and cited the hiring of Community Development Planner Cam Johnson and Office Manager Amy Shiffer as indications of growth.

Timmons said he is excited to see the future of the organization, particularly if the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is approved and the region receives its Economic Development Designation. He thanked members of the CRC for allowing him to be a member.

“I see that this organization is going to be a viable community partner,” Timmons said.