Governor Northam on abortion in the third trimester

Published 12:47 pm Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I don’t know how many listened to the radio cast with Governor Northam, but anyone listening was made aware that he spoke as a physician and not as a politician, albeit, his position as a physician is definitely on the side of Pro Choice. He said that once a baby is determined to be badly deformed or inviable, that the physician and mother would speak – even after the baby was delivered and if necessary, resuscitated, stopping his discussion abruptly at that point. One can only assume that the “speaking” he referred to would be to decide if the infant should be killed. While this is a bit different from Delegate Tran’s proposal that would allow a mother to make the decision to abort a child up until birth without a concurring physician’s decision, regardless of the condition of the infant, both politicians are talking about making murder legal.

Every human being alive and breathing, has a right to live, and in America that right is protected under our Constitution. Regardless of an individual’s culture, race or politics, and regardless which side one takes on Roe v. Wade, killing a living human being is wrong. Governor Northam may be a scientist and doctor, but as a governor of the people, he shows little, if any, compassion or respect for life. It is a sad day in America when it appears that PETA has a much more significant stronghold on our lawmakers than do those supporting human rights.

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Peter Kapuscinski