Ethical dog hunter

Published 12:20 pm Tuesday, February 5, 2019


As a proud dog hunter I am greatly upset that there is being a picture painted that all dog hunters are unethical. I have four dogs and I love every one of them. I take pride in raising fine hounds. I try to be as ethical as possible in my hunting adventures. My dogs do not read “no trespassing” signs and go onto your land anyways. My dogs just follow the quarry they are tracking. I cannot make the deer stay on my land. If I were to try to make my dog stay on certain land I would have to use a shocking collar and I do not believe in shocking a dog for running a piece of game, that’s what I have trained him to do. When you see hunters riding up and down the road, most hunters are trying to catch their dog before some moron driving 60 miles per hour down a back road runs over their dog. I am sorry for the bad encounters you have previously had with dog hunters, but if you truly want to see improvement, try to work with us. Not against us.

Clayton Davis

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