Cumberland County property transfers

Published 11:02 am Thursday, February 28, 2019

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of October. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Mary Cox Hearn to Alan Woodfin Hearn, 590.07 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Earl M. Collier, Jr., TR; et als to A. Lewis Collier, Jr.; et ux, 232 AC, Hamilton District. $430,200.

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• Paul D. MIller, et ux to Beneul K. King, 8 AC, Randolph District. $205,000.

• Walter Marion Fahrner, et ux to William M. Fahrner, Sr., 2.06 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Erin Devine to Cody A. Russell, 1.548 AC, Madison District. $130,000.

• Weyerhaeuser Company to Cumberland Timber, LLC, Parcels, Madison District. $500,000.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Lofton Leasing, LLC, 1.847, 3.0 & .97 AC, Madison District. $47,511.

• J. Randolph Smith to Barbara McClinton, et al, 61.9 AC, Madison District. $75,000.

• Coleen P. Kenny to Coleen P. Kenny, TR; et al, Lots, Hamilton District.

• Kevin Bruce Dunn to Kevin Bruce Dunn, et al, 1 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• William R. Irizarry, et ux to William R. Irizarry, Co. TR; et als, 100 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• CMH Homes, Inc. to Howard W. Eckert, et al, 7.781 AC, Hamilton District. $189,900.

• H. Coleman, Goodman, Jr., TR; et als to H. Coleman Goodman, Jr., TR, et als, 318.92 AC & 164.5 AC, Madison District.

• Harold W. Collins, Jr.; et ux to Vera Cooke-Merritt, .68 AC, Randolph District. $172,000.

• Paul Allen Rowe, Sr., et ux to Kenneth M. Thurston, 3.67 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Rock River, Inc. to Joshua Jones; et al, 11.017 AC, Madison District. $274,500.

• Henry A. Gilliam to Jerry A. Gilliam, 10.8 AC, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Catherine H. Estes to Michael T. Rice, Lots, Randolph District. $70,000.

• Stuart Phillip Rott to Timothy Bangley; et ux, 20.065 AC, Madison District. $200,000.

• Ken Broadwater Homes, LLC to Krista M. Macumber, 3 AC, Hamilton District. $233,730.

• James C. Ridings; et als to Jade Sharde Williams, 3.5 AC, 3.733 AC and 2 AC, Hamilton District. $215,000.

• Atlantic Trustee Services, LLC; Sub. Tr. to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, 5.003 AC, Hamilton District. $142,200.

• Florence S. Booker; et als to Tamara T. Benhoff, 20 AC, Hamilton District. $50,000.

• Leslie L. Mansfield; et als to Kenneth Austin, 5.07 AC, Madison District. $16,000.

• Devan Manley; et als to Hugh A. French; TR; et als, 6.627 AC, Madison District. $24,500.

• Carl Robert John Williams to JCM, III, LLC, 54 AC, Madision District. $197,000.

• Randall Daves; et al to Hunter Michael Lindsey, 4.87 AC, Hamilton District. $215,000.

• The Bank of New York Mellon; TR; et als to Gavin Kirk Czeizinger; et ux, 3 AC, Hamilton District. $68,250.