He doesn’t get it

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Karl Schmidt just doesn’t get it. In his response to a letter written by Marie Flowers, he expounds the merits of the use of AK-47s against “our enemies” during war and stating that these assault-style weapons have not killed as many people as knives, handguns, etc.

Tell that to school children, concert goers, young people enjoying a night’s entertainment to name just a few. Tell that to their families, friends and school mates. It will offer little comfort.

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But since when did our children, classmates and friends (Americans) become “our enemies”? It seems these weapons have increasingly become the weapon of choice because they inflict the maximum amount of damage as compared to knives, handguns, etc. There is no reason for the general public to own military-style weapons. None!

Michele Varga