BCHS student’s play onstage

Published 4:26 pm Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A play written by a Buckingham County High School (BCHS) student is set to come to life on the stage Friday.

Tajhmir Gough, now a junior, penned the play during his freshman year and will play a lead role.

The one-act play is scheduled to begin 7 p.m. at the BCHS auditorium.

Tajhmir Gough

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“Love is Broken Glass” is described similar to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. Two people who come from very different circumstances fall in love. In addition to their story is a story of the mother and aunt of Gough’s character who are entrenched in a feud.

Gough, 16, said he was inspired to write the play during his freshman year when he read William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in an English class.

“I wanted to write my own version,” Gough said. When an assignment came up to write a one-act play, Gough said, “I thought that was the perfect way to do it.”

Gough said bringing the main character, Jonathan to life was challenging because it was difficult to live up to the expectations he envisioned.

He said having the opportunity to not only act out his play, but see fellow students and teachers take on the story, was exciting as well.

“It’s a really cool experience,” Gough said, who said the cast has been attentive to the script and has asked him questions about items related to the play and characters.

Gough, who said his directing and playwriting heroes are Tyler Perry, Regina King and Ryan Coogler, said he wants to become a screenwriter and director when he becomes older.

Many would argue he is pursuing his goals now.

Kristye Moxley, English teacher and organizer of the BCHS drama group, said Gough has taken this project in stride, penning the play and setting a good example for fellow students and teachers.

“Getting students to write is usually an arduous task, but Tajhmir took it upon himself to write this play his freshman year!” Moxley said. “He is a brilliant young man who is always pleasant and positive. I know he has a bright future ahead of him. It is a privilege and a blessing to work with him.”

Gough and other members of the drama group are set to attend the Virginia Theater Association (VTA) Conference in Norfolk from Thursday, Oct. 25, to Sunday, Oct. 28.

According to the description of an online fundraiser for the drama group, the group has the funds for hotel fees but not for registration.

“Many or our students in Buckingham and in the drama program are on free/reduced lunch indicating the low incomes of families,” the description cited. “If we don’t meet our goal, VTA offsets our invoice by the amount we’ve raised and we pay the balance.”

To learn more or to donate, visit joinartsii. com/campaign/small-rural-high-school-in-need-of-funds-to-attend-state-conference#. W7XvsdGXJQk.facebook.