What can we do?

Published 6:35 am Wednesday, August 1, 2018


No matter what our political persuasion, we are first and foremost, Americans. We may have differing views on issues such as immigration and women’s rights, but we are loyal citizens of this country—a country we love. Now we are faced with the frightening reality – and this is reality not “fake news” – of a president who demonstrates allegiance to one of our long-standing enemies and their president, a former KGB chief who spurns our allies. It is time for all of us to face the specter of Russian influence at the highest levels. We must turn to our elected representatives, our intelligence agencies, our military and our citizens to be vigilant and to actively defend our democracy. As citizens, we are not helpless bystanders; we have a role to play. We can stay informed on the issues swirling around us. We can take a stand after we understand the facts. We can call or write our representatives to demand action. Most importantly, we can vote this fall in the midterm elections. Carefully consider who you trust to protect our democracy – our way of life – during the remainder of this president’s term. The stakes are high and every vote counts, now more than ever.

Robin Smith

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