Gate approved for dump site

Published 3:24 pm Thursday, July 12, 2018

Testing for an automated gate at a dump site at Route 600 and an approval for a bid to renovate the Bates Market waste site were among the items relating to the county waste sites discussed during the Buckingham Board of Supervisors meeting Monday.

County Administrator Rebecca Carter said four bids have come up for the Bates waste site after opening the property up for bids, which were due Monday. Pearson Construction, based in Dillwyn, was found to be a low bidder at $116,000.

Carter said Pearson could start work Aug. 27 and finish within two months on Oct. 19.

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Board members, following discussion, voted in approval for Pearson to work on the Bates site.

Board members also voted to install automated gates for testing at the waste site on Route 600 during County Attorney E.M. Wright’s comment period.

The automated technology-controlled gate will be tested at the Route 600 site, which is considered to have less traffic than other waste sites in the county.

Solid waste sites in the county are being reworked as part of the county’s adopted solid waste plan.

The plan, according to documentation from the February board packet, will seek to lower cost of its solid waste management by monitoring activities at the county’s solid waste sites and preventing abuses to unfenced solid waste sites.

The county cited that landfill costs have increased approximate $100,000 since 2013. The 2017 cost for household waste, according to the board packet, was $249,750 and the construction landfill cost was $206,051, totaling $455,801.

The $455,801 made up more than half of the solid waste management budget, the board packet cited.

Members of the board voted in favor of installing access control systems at each of the sites, which will include a technology-controlled arm that will let customers enter and exit the sites. County residents will also purchase decals at $25 to put on their vehicles.