On ‘Confessions of a Delegate’

Published 4:15 pm Friday, May 18, 2018


I read with some trepidation, the article written by Jeff Kamen – well written – but full of inuendoes, judgements and buffoonery; an article written with an apparent purpose to cast more aspersions and incredible dislike and division regarding our already torn politics. All of it serves to do nothing more than throw damp rags on our current elected officials and their successes. It doesn’t matter that Mr. Kamen is a self-proclaimed supporter of the Second Amendment. Nor, by just saying it, should Mr. Kamen expect any support for his article from anyone interested in preserving both our Republic and Constitution. In fact, what Mr. Kamen includes (and it is his absolute right to include) in his article, is his opinion. Writing judgmental views about Mr. Trump, Mr. Garrett, or anyone else, other than judging the job we have elected them to do, is mere divisiveness and serves only to disrupt rather than inform anyone of anything.

Frankly speaking, his leftist leaning rhetoric and arguments have been played, tiringly, time and again, by the media and writers all of whom have ignored any good those elected over the past couple years have done for the U.S. Those good deeds do not have to be revisited here, and there is certainly no reason to go back over the dirt stirred and carnage left behind by Progressives, Socialists candidates and extreme leftist elected officials they continue to support. Doing that serves only to continue what should be discontinued, and merely causes more division and behavior resulting in little to no benefit. 

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Unfortunately, Mr. Kamen’s article has added to our already divisive political environment with more unproductive, uninformative and in many cases, incorrect, commentary. It would be far more refreshing, given Mr. Kamen’s vast experiences, for him to become part of a solution, suggesting ideas on how to make things work rather than continuing to support what hasn’t worked very well over the past eight or nine years our Federal Government was managed by leftist idealists.

Peter Kapuscinski