Buckingham County property transfers

Published 7:25 pm Thursday, May 3, 2018

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of February. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Robert J. Dennis, et ux to Daniel F. Costello, et ux, 11.167 AC, James River District. $255,000.

• Carroll Gilispie, Jr., et al to Person Properties, LLC, 11.13 AC, Maysville District. $20,000.

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• Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Norris Wayne Ramsey, Jr., 3.154 AC, Maysville. $57,500.

• Luther R. Dunkum, Jr., et ux to Charles E. Allen, Tr. et al, .088 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Sandra M. Ryan, et al to H. Curtis Person, Jr., less than 1 AC, James River District. $1500.

• Par 3 Development Group, LLC to East Marshall St., LLC, 1.212 AC, Marshall District. $1,300,000.

• Veronica P. Booker et al to Mitchell W. Crickenberger, et, 6.38 AC, Curdsville District. $22,330.

• Mona E. Land, et al to Michael S. Land, 25 AC, James River District. Deed Gift.

• Ruth Maxey, et al, to Jefferson Catlett, Tr., 3.69 AC, Marshall District. $19,200.

• Loren C. Orange, et al to Loren C. Orange, 3.8 AC, Francisco District. Deed Gift.

• JT Enterprises, Inc. to Randy L. Woodson, Sr., et ux, 2.164 AC, Slate River District. $219,121.

• Betty D. Zumbro, Tr. et al, to Steven M. Sobrilsky, et ux, 30.243 AC, Curdsville District. $90,000.

• Richard E. Gunter to Cristy Cyrus, .25 AC, James River District. Deed Gift.

• H. Curtis Pearson, Jr., et al, to Willie E. Ragland, et ux, 46.146 AC, James River District. $88,992.

• Pamela Sue Saunders to William E. Jamerson, 56.87 AC and 78.72 AC, Francisco District. $456,750.

• Deborah H. Kelly to William M. O’Steen, 40.09 AC, Crudsville District. $246,000.

• Stephen William Austin to Brandy Thomas Meadows, 8.024 AC, James River District. $27,000.

• Charles E. Edwards to Levi Z. Fisher, et al, 52.01 AC and 4.0 AC, Maysville District. $200,000.

• Eagle Real Estate, LLC to RMA Enterprises, Inc, 181.137 AC, 6.638 AC and 42.34 AC, Marshall District. $400,000.

• Marion Monopoli, et vir, to Marion G. Halbohn, 3 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Weyerhaeuser Company to David A. Stoltzfoos, et al, 2.5 AC, Maysville District. $248,000.

• Dana H. Abernathy to Emily Timberlake, 12.23 AC, James River District. $161,000.

• Janet D. Miller to Harold Hill, et ux, 3.075 AC, Maysville. $148,000.

• Fred Booker to Pearson Properties, LLC, 13.27 AC, Francisco. $10,000.

• Wilmington Savings Funds Society to Jason E. Meeks, et al, 8.86 AC, Curdsville District. $130,000.

• Diane Britton to Sterling Smith, 5.86 AC, Curdsville District. $25,000.

• Linda Z. Mullins to Coy Bishop, et al, 41 AC, Curdsville District. $110,000.

• Pardee Virginia Timber 2, LLC, to Jordan Wayne Buck, et al, 31.71 AC, Slate River District. $61,500.

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Mike Fehse, .782 AC, Marshall District. $62,000.

• Christopher Scott Reaves to Kimberly R. Miracle, et al, 20.5 AC, Francisco District. $12,800.

• Luther P. Gilliam, Jr. to E. E. Talbott, Jr., et al, 4 AC, Slate River District. $50,000.