Board presents federal funds

Published 6:21 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dr. Julie Gilliam presented an overview of the Title I consolidated application during the Prince Edward County Public School (PECPS) Board’s meeting May 9.

The presentation offered an overview of Title I, II, and V allocations, which are funds distributed toward education from the federal government.  

Title I, which improves basic program funding, was allocated $917,254.45.

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Title II, part A, which funded professional development and support construction, allocated $124,174.06.

Title IV, part A, student support and academic enrichment, was allocated $25,365.38.

Title V, part B, sub-part II: Rural and low income school program funding, was allocated $34,065.40.

A measure of the program unique to 2017 are portions of Title II and IV part A being set aside for private school facilities, or for Fuqua School.

Gilliam said a measure in the Title I application offers the option for private school facilities and public school facilities to agree to set aside funds for the private school. This is the first year Fuqua School has requested funding for the set-aside program.

Fuqua School participated in the set aside for Title II in the amount of $15,316.77, and Title IV, part A in the amount of $3,130.61. The school will not participate in Title I or Title V.

Dr. Julie

Due to the amounts of $15,316.77 and $3,130.61 set aside, the allocation of those programs that will go toward the Prince Edward County school division will change from $124,174.06 to $108,857.29 for Title II.

For Title IV, the allocation will change from $25,365.38 to $22,234.77.

The total amount set aside for the school will be $18,447.38.

Gilliam said in a statement that private school services are outlined by the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESEA) passed in 1965.

“Within this guidance, public schools are required to have what is called ‘meaningful consultation’ every year with private schools within the county in order to discuss and determine whether they wish to participate in federal funding for the coming year,” Gilliam said. “Until 2016, no private school had elected to participate, however during our meaningful consultation last year, Fuqua chose to participate in our federal programs.”

Head of Fuqua School, John Melton, confirmed the program between Fuqua and PECPS and said the program is in its preliminary stages.

“We’ve been in a conversation with Prince Edward County Public Schools about Title II and Title IV, and we are continuing to discuss what resources might be available to our school,” Melton said in a statement.

“As required, we will have meaningful consultation on an annual basis,” Gilliam said. “Fuqua may chose each year whether to participate and in which programs they will participate. The amount of funding will be determined based upon enrollment of both the public and private school and the allotted federal funds received by the school division.”


Gilliam said the amount set aside does affect the federal funding Prince Edward County Public Schools receives.

“Private school set aside must be deducted from the bottom line of our federally funded program budget,” Gilliam said. “Therefore the challenge for the public schools is to determine how to maintain current services for our students with less funding.”