Redbud Garden Club meeting

Published 8:55 am Thursday, April 12, 2018

The March meeting of Redbud Garden Club was held March 27 at Mary Hazlegrove’s home with Sarah Schember as co-hostess. Nancy Schaeffer presented an informative program on growing African Violets. After giving complete care instructions, Schaeffer demonstrated a number of ways that you can successfully propagate African Violets from leaf cuttings. She also demonstrated how to repot African Violets and remove the suckers/plantlets and pot those up as well. She recommends pots made specifically for African Violets.

These self- watering pots allow water to be absorbed by the potting soil through the inner unglazed pot.

Blue ribbons were awarded to Rebecca Giles, Janet Higgins, Ann Ligon, Nancy Schaeffer and Gail Thompson for “March Madness,” a triangular arrangement of daffodils. Red ribbons were given to Dottie Fahrner, April McBride, Alice Metts and Joyce Thompson. “He Is Risen,” a design using real or artificial Easter lilies, earned blue ribbons for Liz Dunn, Rebecca Giles, Mary Hazlegrove, Janet Higgins, Ann Ligon and Nancy Schaeffer. Red ribbons were received by Dottie Fahrner, Audrey Robinson and Sarah Schember. Specimen ribbons were awarded as follows: Rebecca Giles, seven blue, five red; Janet Higgins, six blue, four red; Audrey Robinson, one blue, one red; Nancy Schaeffer, nine blue and one red.

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