Don’t destroy local history

Published 11:06 am Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What a shame it will be to see the delightful old houses at 510 (built 1880) and 504 (built 1907) High Street torn down to make room for apartment buildings.

The buildings at 104 and 106 Appomattox Street are not of the same vintage as those on High Street. If they disappear, perhaps they won’t be missed much. But serious thought should be given to tearing down turn-of-the-century structures such as 510 and 504 High Street. Their loss will certainly leave a large gap in the line of beautiful old houses stretching along High Street.

As to their “historical properties,” I take issue with the Martins’ contention that these old properties are no longer “historical.” They may not qualify as historical on a national registry, but they are definitely part of the history of Farmville. As such, they should not be destroyed, but rather restored, maintained and appreciated as emblematic of the way things were.

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Perhaps they are not deemed historical because the out-house has been moved in-house, but they are nevertheless historical to many “Farmvillians,” and an integral part of the attractions that tourists enjoy when they come to Farmville. Should this application be approved, it can be anticipated that other blocks of old houses will meet the same fate.

Carol Fauci