Building and consideration

Published 12:07 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Town of Farmville and Prince Edward County is growing. Evidence of this ranges from the new restaurants popping up in strip malls and their own buildings, to the hotels that expect to house a combined more than 100 rooms by the fall.

One of the newest examples of growth comes from Longwood University, which recently announced a new admissions building located across from Ruffner Hall in the areas of High Street, Randolph Street and St. George Street.

The building is approximately 20,000 square feet and will be two stories.

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We at The Herald are excited to see growth happening throughout the county and town. The admissions building is expected to be a needed resource for students and administration, and as Longwood Associate Vice President of Campus Planning and Construction Louise Waller, stated the building could also serve as “our welcome center to campus.”

The areas of High Street, Randolph Street and St. George Street are busy areas, containing several prominent buildings from the university and two churches.

Even with the closure of the section of Buffalo Street leading to St. George Street and the demolition of Crafts Lot, construction for this building could cause increased traffic on an already busy series of streets.

We ask Longwood University, as it has in the past, to keep the needs of everyone in the community on the forefront during this construction period. This includes placing proper signage in the event of heavy construction and making sure crews are following all local and state protocol protecting themselves and others.