A proactive community

Published 4:35 pm Thursday, April 12, 2018

Everyone is a part of a community, a member by default, when you live somewhere. The reputation of a community is built by the actions or sometimes inactions of those who live there. In our area we are fortunate to be a part of a community where people really care about each other, where a neighbor reaches out to a neighbor in their time of need. A community that is proactive in its giving and sharing and always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.

In our community we have organizations such as United Way, Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity, Steps Inc., Central Virginia Health Services, Piedmont Senior Resources, YMCA, Rotary, Lions Club, Jaycees, SCOPE-Meals on Wheels, Faces Food Pantry, church groups, schools and more. Countless volunteers who spend their time and resources to help their neighbors.

Fundraisers, events big and small, help to support these organizations, and neighbors are also a way of life here. From the Heart of Virginia, which brings in thousands of participants, to a Brunswick Stew at the Fire Department, they all make a difference.

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For the most part nothing is expected in return, no praise is needed, just knowing a job well done is enough. As is the usual case in our community, giving and helping is a way of life and done with goodwill and in the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors.

We commend the many fine organizations and volunteers who contribute and step up. Ours is a community that does more than talk about helping its neighbors, ours is a community that puts those words into action. Neighbors helping neighbors, it’s the way it should be and what makes this a great community to be a part of.