Spry to retire

Published 2:48 pm Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk Sarah “Kate” A. Spry is retiring at the end of April and will be replaced immediately by Chief Deputy Clerk Deidre Martin.

Spry has served as clerk for five years and has worked in the Cumberland County Circuit Court for 20 years.

“I enjoyed working with the people,” Spry said. “I grew up in Cumberland, I went to school in Cumberland, and although I lived in the county, since being in this job, I’ve met people that I really wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

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She said it has been fun to learn a lot of the history of the county.

“The job is interesting,” Spry said. “Keeps you busy, but it’s very interesting.”

She said after retiring she’ll work on her farm where she and her husband raise beef cattle.

“We have three sons and we plan on traveling. One lives in California, so we plan on going to see him,” Spry said. “I plan on working out in the yard, and I’ve just got a lot of things that I’m looking forward to doing.”

She said no paperwork has been filed at this time to set up a special election for her position, but she does expect the special election to be held in November.

She said that during her time there, the court has had a lot of changes.

“When we receive cases we’re going to start scanning them into the system,” Spry said.

She said she has also enjoyed working with judges.

“We have wonderful judges, and just working together with everybody, it’s been a pleasure to do that, and I’ve been very blessed to have this position,” Spry said.