Redbud Garden Club meeting

Published 9:54 am Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The February meeting of Redbud Garden Club was held Feb. 27 at Geraldine Sanderson’s home with Jo Smith and Barbara Stimpson as co-hostesses. Pictured here, Jimmy Hurt, gave an extremely interesting program on the Farmville floods complete with fascinating photos, videos and stories. Many members remembered some of the floods and had their own stories. “Split Personality,” two vertical arrangements, one being a shadow of the other, earned blue ribbons for Dottie Fahrner and Ann Ligon with red ribbons going to Janet Higgins, Alice Metts, and Nancy Schaeffer. Blue ribbons went to Liz Dunn, Rebecca Giles, Mary Hazlegrove, Ann Ligon, Sarah Schember for “Oriental Fantasy” (an oriental design on a base, may include accessories) with red ribbons being received by Janet Higgins and Patsy Miessler. Specimen ribbons were awarded as follows: Rebecca Giles, six blue, one red; Janet Higgins, two blue; Ann Ligon, one red; Audrey Robinson, two blue; Nancy Schaeffer, three blue and one red.

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