THE WORD: Our strength for the victory

Published 8:58 am Thursday, February 8, 2018

I do not trust in my bow; my sword does not bring me victory. Psalm 44:6 NIV.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I along with hundreds of thousands of people all over the universe had our eyes glued to television sets, and big screens to watch a potential history making Super Bowl LII. Regardless of what team you may have been routing for, the fight was fierce. Big brawny men on each team at the line, some equipped with armbands that resembled armor, demonstrated their strength to defeat their opponent at that line. However, as the game continued play after play, the strong warriors on the line of offense and defense began to be reduced in strength. Amazingly, these men who were so prepared for the heat of the battle began to be worn down because of the fierceness of the battle for victory.

I have found that regardless of the preparation, the strongest of warriors are reduced to weak and oftentimes desperate souls on the battlefield in conquest of victory. There comes a time in every human fight when strength is exhausted, and fatigue sets in. That applies to battle weary football players, weary soldiers in war and Ambassadors of Christ as well. It does not matter whether the battle is over the pigskin for a championship, disputed land territory or precious souls, the fighting can be intense. And when it is, human weakness shows itself. No one is invincible.

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Every person reaches that point, especially those who are fighting the real battle; the warfare that rages between the people of God and the enemy of God. Usually this thought may surface as the year winds down toward the end and one looks back at the year into the year of the past. However, it is just as applicable in the early stages of this new year whereby already those that are aligned with Christ and fight the good fight of faith are faced with the intensity of the battle. Whether the battle is discipleship, evangelism or anything else of an eternal nature, the stakes are higher than anything a skilled football linesman, swordsman or a battle commander has ever fought for. Be reminded that this Christian life is a fight to the death. And it is exhausting. The Psalmist declares that we must not trust in our bow; and know that our sword does not bring us the victory. Rather, our strength is in the Lord who not only supplies our strength but refreshes and renews it when needed the most.

I challenge you these early days of the New Year to not be deceived by the carnal weapons of warfare but rather lean and depend on the Lord and know that he is all our strength for the victory.

REV. DR. JAMES TAYLOR is pastor of Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville, his email is: