Park to provide sky tour

Published 9:07 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

As Earth’s northern hemisphere warms for spring, signs of the seasonal change also appear in the night sky. Orion the Hunter and his hunting dogs, which were visible through the winter months, are now preparing to set below the western horizon. According to a press release, the new figures that will watch over the coming warmer months are rising in the east. A sky tour at night on April 14 will point out some of these constellations. Tripod-mounted binoculars and a telescope will help participants get a closer look.

“High Bridge Trail State Park’s astronomy events are held near the center of High Bridge where the view of the sky is unobstructed,” officials said in the release. “This location is approximately 1.25 miles from the River Road parking area and about one-half mile from the Camp Paradise parking area, which can be accessed off Aspen Hill Road. When walking onto the bridge structure, visitors should turn off any flashlights that do not employ a red filter.”

The event is free, but State Park parking fees apply.