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Hunter retires amid audit

Piedmont Regional Jail Superintendent Donald Hunter retired Tuesday and has been replaced by Interim Superintendent Jim Davis.

Donald Hunter

According to Piedmont Regional Jail Authority Board Chairman Jimmy Garnett, Davis has been in corrections for many years.

“He was a jail inspector for (the Department of Corrections) for a number of years,” Garnett said. “He worked as a part-time employee at our facility. He retired from our facility about three months ago, but he is willing to take this until we can find a new superintendent.”

When asked whether Hunter’s retirement was related to the recent memorandum by Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates — which cited misappropriation, excessive spending and purchasing items that were uncharacteristic for a jail — Garnett said he could not comment on that.

As The Herald has previously reported, Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates generated a memorandum that essentially summarized the audit of the authority, detailing a lack of official documentation for expenditures of public funds and seemingly hundreds and perhaps multiple thousands of dollars in excessive spending.

The memorandum notes that jail employees had 24 overnight stays at the Hilton Garden Inn in Glen Allen throughout the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, with only three charges including a documented purpose.

“Management had various travel expenses throughout the year with no documented purpose of the business trip or personnel involved,” officials cited in the memorandum. “Hotel charges were paid with jail credit cards with little support other than hotel bills, and a travel expense detail form was not utilized. In addition, almost every hotel room throughout the years was booked under the superintendent’s name, making it difficult to ascertain who occupied the rooms.”

And there were many other details conveyed in the memorandum.

Additionally, Prince Edward County Buffalo District Supervisor C.R. “Bob” Timmons Jr. said he had been given information about inappropriate behavior between a jail supervisor and an employee.

Hunter also serves on the Farmville Town Council as the Ward D councilman. Nothing was said regarding the memorandum or Hunter’s retirement from the jail at Wednesday’s town council meeting.