A freshman leader

Published 9:01 am Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bria Anderson has gone from being a standout on the volleyball court at Cumberland County High School to being a standout already as a freshman on the court for Virginia State University.

Trojans Head Coach Amanda Walker said she was surprised both by how Anderson grew as a player and by the quality of her playing ability.

“She actually did really well, and from the beginning of the season to the end, she really progressed and developed into a completely different player,” Walker said.

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The Trojans finished the season with an 11-17 overall record, but they went 10-5 in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

“I felt like I played well throughout the season,” Anderson said. “I’ve learned so much. I played almost every position, just from defensive specialist to a right side hitter to a setter, so I had to learn all the plays, I had to be that utility player, and I also felt like that me being the joking person on the team kept us well-rounded and always in (a) good mood.”

Anderson was second on the team in assists with 109, and she was also in the top-five on the team in digs with 105.

“As a freshman, she actually was a very good leader, on and off the court,” Walker said, “and in the classroom, she’s probably one of the best students on the team. So, just an all-around, solid athlete, solid student. I’m really looking forward to next year, her getting a lot more playing time in and taking more of a leadership role.”

Anderson said she has always had the mindset of a leader.

“I’ve always been taught to be that person,” she aid, “so I felt like I’ve always been my own motivator, so I love motivating other people. And I feel like as we continue playing throughout the year that it’s just going get better from here on out.”

She also starred at Cumberland on the basketball court and the softball field, which took away from time she might have used gaining experience with club volleyball, but she has proven herself to be a quick learner.

“My biggest challenge probably was learning all of the different sets, because in high school, we really did not do as much as they do in travel volleyball, so I had to learn a lot,” she said. “I tried to adjust well. I didn’t get down or frustrated or an attitude with my coach because she told me I wasn’t doing something right. I just tried my best to fix it and be better.”