‘The Gentle Giant’

Published 11:33 am Thursday, January 18, 2018

Brycen Newby has been a consistent presence on the athletics scene in Buckingham for most of his life, and football, basketball and baseball teams have come to count on his character and work ethic.

“I started in the youth league at Buckingham,” he said. “… I think I started playing football when I was, like, 7. Basketball and baseball I’ve been playing since I was, like, 5.”

He is now a senior at Buckingham County High School where he has contributed to the varsity football and basketball teams in each of his four years, and he is set to make it four years for baseball, as well, in the spring. He has been a team captain in football and basketball for the past two seasons.

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“He’s been one of our most consistent players, not only this season but in past seasons as well,” Buckingham Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Taylor Boyers said. “He’s one of our hardest working guys. And another thing he brings is just leadership to the team. He brings it every night. He leads by example in practice (and) off the court as well — in school. (He’s) just a great kid overall.”

Newby can serve as both a calming influence on a team, and he can help model fierce competitiveness as well.

“I’m a pretty relaxed guy,” he said. “If you watched me play basketball, you’d probably think I’m a little more intense than I am. I get angry in the game and stuff, but if you met me in person, people call me the ‘The Gentle Giant.’ I take things as they come. I don’t really stress too much. I just kind of relax. I like to laugh. I like to make people laugh.”

Goofy, detailed and relaxed are the words Newby chose to describe himself when asked to provide three. If the list were expanded, it could include competitive and sociable, two traits that have helped make athletics so consistently appealing to him.

“I’m a very competitive person, and I enjoy hanging out with my bros,” he said. “That’s kind of what sports is for. You get to hang out with your friends. You get to have fun.” He attended Central Virginia Christian School through seventh grade, “but even when I went to the public school for the first time, I still had friends from all the youth league sports that I played. So, it helps you make friends, and I think that’s what I like about it…”