Respect and appreciation

Published 11:17 am Tuesday, January 9, 2018


My wife and I were at Huddle House this past week. Angela was our waitress — she has waited on us before — and even before the new ownership. We like that place — it is one of the only places in Farmville that serves a great breakfast. Angela is special, and we both thought your readers should know about her.

We were waiting on our food and noticed an older fellow — a veteran — sitting alone in one of the booths. Angela was serving him as well. When it came time to pay, Angela paid his bill from her own pocket and thanked him for his service. That’s always something nice to hear. But when a waitress does it from her own pocket, it’s special because these girls and guys serving tables at Huddle House or any other restaurant don’t make big bucks. In fact, they mostly rely on their tips. As it turns out, Angela’s family has served in our armed forces, and some of them are still active. When she paid that bill, she did it out of respect for the gentleman sitting there and for every other service person retired, active or otherwise. Angela is special, and Huddle House is special because of her. If you visit, don’t forget her and anyone else serving you. They deserve our business and respect.

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Peter Kapuscinski