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Little Caesars to open soon

Little Caesars is set to open in January, according to Patrick O’Connell, owner of Aces LLC — a Little Caesars franchisee based in Rocky Mount, Virginia.

“We’re under construction now and hoping to open in January,” O’Connell said.

O’Connell said the restaurant will be the 22nd Little Caesars location owned and operated by Aces LLC.

He said the restaurant will provide hot and ready pizza and will include a drive-thru option, one that he notes is unique for Little Caesars locations.

“It’s common in our franchise, so out of our 21 locations, I think 15 of them are drive-thru,” O’Connell said. “But we really think the drive-thru is great, it really steps up the convenience for the customer.”

He said it seems to help the consumer.

“Especially with moms with kids not having to cart everyone out of the car, it’s really convenient for people, so I think that’s the big differentiating concept for us, and then combine that with the big Hot-N-Ready concept, which is pizza ready when you walk in,” O’Connell said. “I think people will be excited about it.”

O’Connell said he started with Little Caesars 10 years ago.

“I wasn’t around but apparently there was another location with Little Caesars … I think it was across from the school but it was 20 plus years ago so this is officially a return after two decades of being out of town and we had received inquiries over the years from people in Farmville through Facebook and other means that we should explore returning to the town and we started looking more into it,” O’Connell said.