Eppes to retire

Published 3:34 pm Thursday, January 25, 2018

Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk Machelle J. Eppes is retiring April 1 and will be replaced by Chief Deputy Lynnette Coe, who is set to take over the same day. According to Virginia State Code, the chief deputy automatically presumes the role of clerk in the event of retirement. 

Machelle J. Eppes

Coe said she was appointed as chief deputy when Eppes was elected in 2005. She said the chief deputy is second in command in the office.

She said she does plan on running and that she’s seeking the Democratic nomination.

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“Mrs. Eppes’ term does not expire until 2023, so because we’re midterm for her, the county has got to file a petition to ask the court if they can have a special election,” Coe said.

She said before the county can ask that, the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors has to meet and tell the county attorney to move forward with the petition.

“The judge, based on whatever the code says, I don’t know if they’ll do it sooner or if because of the dates and the timeframe that we’re in, if they’ll just wait until November,” Coe said.

She said she was excited about the appointment.

“We’re sorry to see Machelle leave, but we hope that she’ll go on and enjoy her retirement, and I’m excited to be appointed,” Coe said.

She said Eppes is fully endorsing her run for clerk.

“Most of all I’ve enjoyed working with the public, working with the girls in my office, working with the judges,” Eppes said regarding her time spent as the circuit court clerk.

She thanked God for helping her through her time as Circuit Court clerk. Prior to being elected clerk, she served as deputy clerk starting February 1988.