D.C. lawmakers eat and drink well

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Shutting down government spending might be celebrated, especially if those who make that decision have their paychecks cut off before anyone else. Instead, those folks who make very little and do so much to protect us day and night lose paychecks and benefits while gluttonous Washington, D.C., lawmakers eat and drink and think that the “crumbs” paid to those “other” individuals are not meaningful.

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Think of this: there’s no money left to pay the military. But Nancy Pelosi takes 192 of her caucus members out to a swank dinner and drinks at a fancy D.C. restaurant a block or so from the Capitol Building. What for? To celebrate some sort of victory? The idea is as disgusting as their “group” gluttonous behavior, likely paid for by taxpayers. They do this without conscience or forethought regarding public opinion. They do it because, in their minds, they are not accountable to American citizens. They simply don’t care, and they know that they will never suffer any consequence because of it. These people we elect have become elitists — political rabble who consider themselves to be some sort of American royalty.

If anyone out there still doubts that what D.C. needs is a good hosing down — and term limits to get rid of those elitists on both sides of the isle — then look at this behavior, and understand that those we elect and leave without any control eventually become “out of control,” and we suffer for their arrogance and intended ignorance — i.e. stupidity.

Peter Kapuscinski