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VDOT launches new website

RICHMOND — The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has launched a new website focused on providing information to property owners and residents about maintenance activities and issues that affect residential areas.

According to a VDOT press release, the site, VDOT and Your Neighborhood, provides details and expectations about maintenance work, as well as contact information for assistance when issues occur.

“The site content is based on the most frequently asked questions regarding neighborhoods. Included on the site are topics such as paving and pothole repairs, drainage, snow removal and claims,” officials said in the release. “Information about speed limits, signs, residential traffic issues and more can also be found there.”

The release cited that the website also features a snowplow tracker map tool.

“This allows VDOT and contractor trucks equipped with automatic vehicle location technology to be monitored during snow removal operations, when snowfall reaches two inches or more,” officials said in the release.

The site can be reached at: http://www.vdotandyourneighborhood.org/.