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Students get workforce training

Students of Mrs. Sandee Draper, special education teacher with Prince Edward County Public Schools (PECPS), are receiving job coaching in the school district as part of transition planning. Three days a week, three students travel to the elementary school with Miss Renita Clark, paraprofessional, to work for the Accelerated Reading Lab, gaining non-paid job experience. The students’ duties are to collect all the books from each classroom, check the books into the computer system, recheck the next grades’ books, package the new books and deliver the books to the classrooms. This program teaches them how to follow a work schedule and report to their job assignment while also teaching them social skills necessary for the workplace. They navigate their way around the school, organizing, sorting and packing. They also have to keep track of their work hours. Pictured are, from left, front row, Miss Renita Clark, Amanda Critzer; back row, Mindy Morris, Zachary Nunnally and Antonia Gilliam. (Send “Way to Go!” photos with a description and names to WayToGo@FarmvilleHerald.com.)